Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's in the box, 4/29/15 edition

In last week's box:
Popcorn, apples, chives, bread, parsnips, and sorrel. While the other boxes last week included stinging nettles, the farmers at Siena Farms were very nice to me and switched some extra parsnips and sorrel for the bag of nettles, given that I learned last year that I was allergic to them.

Also in the picture are some garlic shoots (lower right hand corner).

Now that the weather is finally warming up (I read in the Boston Globe that when the temperature was in the 80s on Monday, it was our first day above 70 since October), our asparagus is starting to grow.
I cut these stalks on Sunday, then another few stalks yesterday. Not enough to roast, but plenty for adding to salads (salad bar post coming soon).