Friday, December 12, 2014

Pasta bar: beet gnocchi, still more kale pesto

A couple of photos of recent pasta dishes, both of which have neon-like colors.

First up are beet gnocchi, made by the husband from a recipe in the cookbook Balaboosta. I found the recipe online at Runner's World. I completely agree with the writer of the Runner's World article -- use far less salt than listed in the recipe or they will be very salty.

Next up is an old standby, kale pesto (for which I've posted a version with pistachios and lemon zest and a version with walnuts). This time, I made it more like a traditional pesto, using romano cheese and toasted almonds. (I've been using almonds in place of pine nuts lately.)
I had some cherry tomatoes on the counter, so I sliced them and mixed them into the pasta and pesto.

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