Monday, July 21, 2014

More pesto: kale, pistachio, and lemon zest

Yes, I'm still on the pesto kick (e.g., pea tendril pesto, kale and walnut pesto, dried tomato pesto, and broccoli leaf, green garlic and pistachio pesto). 

This time, I decided to try a different twist on kale pesto, adding 1/3 c. pistachios and some lemon zest (a little over 1/2 lemon's worth) to a large bunch of kale that had been blanched for two minutes.
To the kale, lemon zest and pistachios, I added some olive oil, salt, a bit of the kale blanching water, and then some pasta water when it turned out that I hadn't saved enough kale blanching water.
Note that I didn't add any cheese to this pesto. If you've read more than a couple of my posts, you know that I like cheese and tend to put it in everything I make. However, I wanted to try a lighter pesto this time. It came out well, even without cheese. The lemon zest added a nice brightness to the kale.

Forget kale chips. Make kale pesto.

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