Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's in the box, 2/25/15 edition

This is the second to last week of the winter share. In general, I've liked this year's winter variety much better than last year's; it seems like we didn't get as many purple top turnips or cabbages, both of which I tend to have more difficulty coming up with new and interesting ways to cook. We've also been getting greens for several weeks now, which I really appreciate. I do, however, now have 11 butternut squash in my pantry.
In this weeks' box: potatoes, butternut squash, leeks, hakurei turnips, carrots, popcorn (which I have far too much of at this point, particularly given that the popcorn soup didn't work out), mesclun, and the daikon radish that ate New York. Yes, it is larger than the butternut squash in the photo. I'll have to make some daikon cakes soon.

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