Monday, February 2, 2015

Failed popcorn soup attempt

As I blogged last week, I have a lot of popcorn in the pantry from this years boxes as well as last year's boxes. These are the ears that were leftover from last year alone. (The one with the husk might be even older.)
We are snowed in again today, so I decided to try this popcorn soup recipe from the NY Times. I took the kernels off of the 5 ears of yellow corn (the recipe says "white popcorn").
Then they cooked for two hours in the stock.
They rehydrated quite well.
After the blended and straining, here are the solids that I was left with...
...and the very small amount of soup.
Overall, I think this recipe, or at least my execution of it, was a failure. I used 5 ears of popcorn (3 cups of kernels), 8 cups of veggie stock, and over 3 cups of milk, just to get two half mugs of soup. Maybe the kernels were too dehydrated, as they were from last year's boxes? (I used the older ones first.) Additionally, the soup tasted like a cross between thinned grits and a chowder made with too much flour as a thickener (husband noted that there was a chalky aftertaste).

Don't make this. It is not the solution for using up a glut of popcorn.

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