Saturday, February 22, 2014

Veggies for breakfast

Siena Farm's CSA introduced me to watermelon radishes, which look like slices of watermelon when cut (but still taste like radishes).

As with many of the veggies we've been getting from the farm this winter, we have lots of them in the fridge.  A few weeks ago, I try braising them using this recipe, modified to remove the salt pork.  I found the braised radishes to be okay, but the husband did not enjoy their bitter aftertaste.  I do note that the recipe calls for spring radishes, which might be less spicy than the radishes we have now.  Regardless, I won't be braising radishes again, as they weren't a hit with either of us.

In addition to putting radishes in all of our salads, I've been slicing them thinly and putting them on a bagel, atop a thin layer of cream cheese. 

The crunch and bit of spice that they add to the bagel makes for a more interesting breakfast than a bagel with cream cheese alone.

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