Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's in the box?

Some people might be buying lottery tickets today.  (You know the Powerball jackpot must be large if they're mentioning it on NPR.)  Others of us are opening CSA boxes.  Rather than hoping for a large sum of money, I'm hoping for a box free of cabbage.

Am I a winner?


In today's box, we have lots and lots of carrots (always appreciated, especially now that we cook them using David Chang's method -- more on that another time), some apples (I have appreciated the introduction of apples over the past couple of weeks, breaking up the endless march of roots), daikon radishes, parsnips, pea tendrils (greens!), purple top turnips (okay, I have to admit that I was also hoping there wouldn't be any of these in the box either), and a cabbage-sized kohlrabi.  According to the Siena Farms' newsletter today, it's a kossak kohlrabi.  More kohlrabi soup ahead for me, most likely, as it's the most palatable way I've found to eat it.

Also from today's newsletter: "Random fact. In Ireland, turnips, not pumpkins, are carved into scary-faced lanterns."  Perhaps I've finally found a use for those accumulating turnips!

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