Sunday, April 26, 2015

What's in the box, 4/22/15 edition

In this week's box:
Purple top turnips, sourdough bread, russet potatoes, apples, spinach, pea tendrils, chives, and popcorn.

We have far too many ears of popcorn in the pantry now. I'm not going to count, but I know it's at least 6 bags of 4 ears. I don't think we could ever get through this much popcorn. Is there anything you can do with it besides eating lots of it for snacks?

I've been working through the purple top turnips by making turnip soup with hazelnuts both this weekend and last weekend. At the moment, my fridge is free of purple top turnips. I am hoping that I won't find more in this coming week's box, but I'd take more turnips over more popcorn.

We also went to the new Babbo on Fan Pier in Boston this weekend, where we tried razor clams with oil and garlic...
...and pea agnolotti...
...and olive oil gelato with strawberry granita, lime curd, candied pignoli, and a basil sauce. (The basil sauce was really, really good on the olive oil gelato.)
It is excellent to have Babbo here in Boston. It's less formal than the Babbo in NYC, but the food is just as good. Mario Batali was even in the restaurant while we were there. They also serve pizzas, but we didn't try them on this trip.

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