Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Links: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower cakes, butternut squash risotto, and dessert

We had Brussels sprouts in the box this past week, so I spent a little time searching for recipes. Here are some that look good:

Pan-fried cauliflower cakes, a link sent by the husband. Another reason I would like to see more cauliflower in the boxes. Perhaps I should go buy some to try some of the many cauliflower recipes that I've seen recently.

Butternut squash and saffron risotto. I have a large butternut squash and a couple of smaller honeynut squash, so I'll likely make this recipe in the next week or two.

Playing with your food:

  • Sculpting animals with grated daikon radish. Not much instruction on the page; they want you to buy their book. However, it's worth looking at the photos.
  • Totoro pancakes. Unlikely that I'd make them, as it seems too fussy to have to frost pancakes.
  • Totoro cake. I am more likely to try to make this, as it's a single Totoro, not a bunch of little pancake Totoros.

Finally, dessert: Food52's Banana butterscotch pudding. Sounds like a good cold weather dessert.

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