Friday, November 21, 2014

What's in the box, 11/20/14 edition

It's happened. The first purple top turnips have arrived in a weekly box... and they have arrived in full force.
In the box with the purple top turnips: butternut squash, kale, parsnips (first of the season), Brussels sprouts, two personal-sized mini heads of cauliflower, watermelon radishes, sweet potatoes, and escarole. Notice that some of the purple top turnips are larger than the mini cauliflower heads.

This box is the end of the fall share period. I've now blogged the spring, summer and fall shares. I started blogging at the end of the winter share last February; this year's winter share will start in two weeks.

Sadly, there were no Romanesco cauliflower (or broccoli) in any of this fall's boxes. I've enjoyed roasting the white heads of cauliflower that we've received, but I've been waiting to make a spicy pasta dish with the Romanesco cauliflower that we've enjoyed in past years. Perhaps I'll have to see if any is available at other farm stands in the area.

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