Saturday, November 1, 2014

What's in the box, 10/30/14 edition

In this week's box: romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, daikon radish, dill, leeks, fennel, kohlrabi, potatoes and kale.

I've seen quite a few recipes for Brussels sprouts that have them shaved into thin slices, raw, for salads. As we have lots of Brussels sprouts, maybe I'll try some raw in a salad and sauté the rest.

I will likely stuff the acorn squash, as I really enjoyed it that way. The fennel will likely be roasted with carrots, perhaps apples too. I'll make a quick pickle of the kohlrabi. And I should freeze the dill, as well as some of the bunches of herbs from prior weeks. It should come as no surprise that the kale will be made into pesto.

The daikon might be destined for daikon cakes, although I'll likely wait to make those until we have more daikon radishes in the box. This first one will be good in stir fries, fancy ramen, and Momofuku vinegar pickles.

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