Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow and salad

The Blizzard of 2015 continues. With all of the drifting, we don't have an exact measurement, but we clearly have over two feet of snow, and might even be two and a half feet. It's still snowing out there, which it will be doing for several more hours.

I tried the apple and watermelon radish with feta and walnut salad for lunch today. I used one large watermelon radish instead of two medium ones, but otherwise followed the recipe. The salad was good, although next time I will either cube the radish or grate it. The thin slices (cut in half because the radish was so large) tended to stick together too much.

Husband suggested photographing the salad with the snow behind it.
I had some trouble getting the color of the salad to be right given the bright white of the snow. Here's a photo of the salad with the color looking more like the salad actually looked. 
I'd definitely make this salad again, particularly given the large number of watermelon radishes currently in my fridge. It'd be good with some halved grapes mixed in as well, I think.

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