Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweet potato and goat cheese gratin

With many sweet potatoes to use, the other night I entered the words "sweet potato goat cheese" into Google search. The first few links were for mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese and for a quiche with sweet potatoes and goat cheese. The link that caught my eye was this recipe for a sweet potato and goat cheese gratin from Food and Wine. Click the link to get the recipe. I'll wait.

It called for 3 pounds of sweet potatoes, which I had, almost exactly.
My sweet potatoes got a bit shriveled in the pantry. I must not be storing them properly. The pantry is cool; potatoes do well in there, but the sweet potatoes shrivel.

The recipe claims 30 minutes of prep time, which is likely correct if you're using a few large sweet potatoes. But with all of these small ones, it took me closer to an hour to prep the dish, which was not great, given that it then needed to cook for two hours. Plan this dish for a time when you can start early, so you don't end up eating after 9:30 at night on a weeknight like we did.

First, I peeled all of the potatoes (with a paring knife, given the shriveling) and put them in a bowl of water.

Then I prepped the sauce. I used 10.5 oz of goat cheese instead of the 8 oz called for in the recipe. I also used light cream instead of heavy cream, because it's what I had in the fridge.
Once the milk, cream, garlic and honey starts to simmer, take it off and add in the goat cheese, salt and pepper.
Whisk until smooth.
Drain the sweet potatoes.
Start slicing them....
...and layer them in the baking dish.
Add sauce between the layers.
Here's the gratin ready to bake.
And here it is after two hours of baking.
Husband thinks it needed more goat cheese and less honey. Overall, it was good, but not a dish that I'd make very often, if only because of the length of time needed to make it.

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