Saturday, March 21, 2015

Salad bar: Micro greens, citrus salad

Over the past month or so, we've been getting bags of micro greens in the weekly boxes. I've used them to make a salad with pepitas and blueberries...
...and a salad with tomatoes and blue cheese.

I made a salad with some roasted sweet potatoes and beets with walnuts over some of the greens. I had never tried sweet potatoes in a salad before; I would do it again (if I hadn't just finished off all of the sweet potatoes in my pantry for the sweet potato gratin).

I based this salad on this recipe for citrus salad with candied ginger, but didn't use the candied ginger, as husband is not a fan. I used more citrus zest than the recipe had called for to add more flavor, given the skipped ginger. I used a pumelo, blood oranges, a sumo orange, and some clementines.
Peeling the pumelo was a real project. Make sure to leave plenty of time to do it.
Here's the completed salad. For the almonds in the recipe, I used some rosemary marcona almonds from Trader Joe's that I had in my pantry.

Finally, here's what the beet gnocchi from the Balaboosta cookbook look like if you use golden beets instead of red ones:

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