Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Using the butternut squash: Risotto

I made this Food52 recipe for butternut squash risotto with saffron using honeynut squash, but it would be a fine way to use some butternut squash as well.
I cubed and cooked the squash. (Go to the recipe for the amounts of each ingredient.)
Then started to make the risotto. First I cooked the onion.
Then I added the rice...
Then the saffron broth...
...and the veggie stock, then the cooked squash.
It turned out very well.
I ate it as a main dish; husband had it as a side dish. Both of us enjoyed it.


  1. You are on a butternut squash tear!! What's the pantry squash count now?

  2. You'd think I'd know... Let's just say it's still a large number (because it is). I'm planning to try the butternut squash galette from Smitten Kitchen that you recommended long ago, perhaps over the weekend. It seems like it will take too much time to make for a weeknight meal.