Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's in the box, 3/25/15 edition

Despite today's posting with a good recipe for soup made from purple top turnips, I was not all that happy to see more turnips in yesterday's box. I'm ready for spring and summer vegetables, not the same winter roots that have been coming for months. I'm also ready for the piles of snow to be finally gone, which is also needed before the spring and summer vegetables will be able to grow. Today's rain and warmer temperatures will hopefully help with some snow melt.
In addition to the purple top turnips, yesterday's box had popcorn (I'm not even going to count how many ears of popcorn I now have in the pantry), apples, potatoes, daikon radish, honey, a seeded wheat bread, pea tendrils, and a small bag of arugula (which has already been eaten and was excellent).

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