Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Salad bar: tomatoes, many ways

So many ways to eat tomatoes....

Here is a caprese salad that includes avocado slices and some balsamic glaze, made by a friend when we visited their house a few weeks ago.

Sometimes I just slice up the beautiful tomatoes, then add salt and a touch of olive oil. We served this dish of tomatoes with burrata from Maplebrook Farm in Vermont.

Cherry tomatoes with basil and feta. Dressed with pepper and olive oil. (No salt, as the feta is salty enough.)

Panzanella, to use up some old bread. Cubes of bread on the bottom, the chunks of tomatoes, sliced of cucumber, chopped basil, and some chopped Kalamata olives.
Dressed with balsamic vinegar (which I add first to soak into the bread), olive oil, salt and pepper.

I made a large batch of marinated zucchini recently, and we had some leftover in the fridge. I mixed it with arugula, tomatoes, and blue cheese. I added a small amount of olive oil, but didn't need much, as there was some marinating liquid (balsamic vinegar and oil) on the leftover zucchini.
Here's the salad after stirring. Husband didn't care much for this salad. I think the mint on the zucchini might have made the salad a bit odd. The mint works well with the zucchini on its own, but I wouldn't normally add chopped mint to a salad like this.

Finally, tomatoes on a plane. Some of the cherry tomatoes from this week's box were eaten at 35,000+ feet above the ground.
Why did I fly with tomatoes this weekend?
To earn a medal in the Disneyland Half Marathon and the Coast to Coast medal for completing the WDW and DL Half Marathons in the same year. I'm not fast, but I finished.

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