Monday, September 1, 2014

Potato weekend: Labor Day holiday extra

Since we have a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, I thought I'd conclude with one last day of potato weekend, featuring some of the husband's creations.

He called the following his "Steak dinner": "Steak. [Beef]Steak tomatoes. Mashed potato with scallions and black garlic and cayenne made to look like a steak."
The photo below includes roasted potatoes with rosemary and scallions, based upon the recipe posted a few days ago for roasted potatoes with onions and rosemary. Husband states, "That's how you take a picture of some potatoes. By adding steak to it."
While we might disagree on the need for steak on the plate, he did make a couple of nice potato dishes.

Hope you have been enjoying the long weekend. I can't believe it's September today.

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