Friday, September 19, 2014

What's in the box, 9/18/14 edition

Sadly, this week marks the last week of the supplemental tomato share.
Other than the box of tomatoes, we received broccoli, broccoli rabe, brazing greens, arugula, lots of fairy tale eggplants, bell peppers, hungarian hot wax peppers, shallots, and an acorn squash.

I'm planning to grill veggies tonight, not only for dinner but also for leftovers. I'll be using some to make a couscous salad with grilled veggies for a family get together. The leftover grilled eggplants will be made into baba ganoush.

I'm also planning to make pasta with broccoli rabe (using cured garlic instead of green garlic, given the time of year).

The brazing greens will likely end up in a quiche with some dried tomatoes. I think that I'll make gazpacho to go with it. Given that the tomato share has ended, it's likely to be the last one of the season.

I'm not ready to have acorn squash yet, so I'm going to store it. Despite the weather, it's still officially summer, thus I want to eat summery food for now. I know it's a losing battle though....

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