Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sorrel sauce

This week, the box contained a large bag of sorrel, just under 12 ounces.  I was excited to see it, as I enjoy making sorrel sauce to put on seafood (e.g., scallops or fish).  Sorrel has a lemony taste, making it a great accompaniment for seafood.
I washed the sorrel first.
Then I blanched it in boiling water.  It wilted very quickly, in less than a minute.  
Take it out as soon as that happens, putting the blanched sorrel into an ice bath to cool.
Here's a close up of the sorrel in the ice bath.  I blanched in two batches.
After it cooled, I removed the remaining ice cubes and drained the sorrel.  I gave it a light squeeze, as one might do with spinach, retaining the liquid in a glass bowl under the strainer.  (In the background, you can see the carrots that I've prepped to cook with David Chang's recipe.)
I then put the sorrel, a bit of olive oil and some salt into my food processor, then blended it.  I decided to put in a handful of chives as well.
The sauce was pretty thick at this point, so I added back some of the liquid that I had squeezed out of the sorrel.
Twelve ounces of sorrel made just over 1.5 cups of sauce.

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