Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's in the box, 4/23/14 edition

Sorrel!  The box today has a big bag of sorrel!
Also in the box today: a bunch of chives, a small bag of pepper cress, two watermelon radishes (which we're told are the last from root storage), apples (which we're also told are the last batch), purple top turnips (which sadly do not come with the same promise of being the last batch), carrots, parsnips, and a bottle of maple syrup.

But back to the sorrel, a green that I had not heard of or tried before joining Siena Farms' CSA.  Back when I saw it for the first time, a small bunch of greens, the weekly email came with a recipe for making a sauce with the sorrel, to be used on fish, scallops, or many other things.  Since then, I have been a huge sorrel fan.  The sauce has a lemony taste to it, just from the sorrel.  Today, instead of a small bunch, I have a huge bag.  Lots of sorrel sauce in my future.  I am wondering how well it will freeze, so that I might save some for times with no sorrel.

Now for what wasn't in the box today, but was instead purchased from Verrill Farm on the way to get the box from Siena Farms:
Ramps and quail eggs.  With the onset of spring, I have been wanting to get some ramps to have with pasta, so I stopped by Verrill Farm in the hopes that they would have some, which they did.  I also bought a dozen quail eggs, thinking that they would be a good addition to the pasta, poached and put on at the last minute before serving.

Yes, it is a bit crazy to stop at one farm to buy things before going to another to get a half bushel box.  But it's ramp season, and it doesn't last long.

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