Friday, April 18, 2014

What's in the fridge, 4/18/14 edition

The time for the reckoning has arrived.  What exactly is in the fridge from all of the past boxes?
Carrots: 11.5 pounds
Parsnips: 10.9 pounds
Purple top turnips: 3 pounds
Watermelon radishes: 2.7 pounds (10 radishes of varying sizes)
Daikon radishes: 1.1 pounds (2 radishes)
Gilfeather rutabagas: 1.5 pounds
Kohlrabi: 1 pound (2 smallish ones)
Red cabbage, 1/2 head: .8 pound
Pea tendrils: .25 pound
Apples: 3.8 pounds (12 apples)

That's over 36.5 pounds of veggies (and apples) in the fridge, until....

The kohlrabi was not in good condition, having been in the fridge for a very long time, so it's been put into the compost.  I also have some of the parsnips and apples roasting for dinner, so fewer pounds of each went back into the fridge.

I must make some plans to use these up.  It seems a bit daunting.

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