Friday, June 13, 2014

Japanese-style parsnip and carrots

I found this recipe for parsnip kinpira when searching for something to do with parsnips and carrots that would be a good accompaniment to a soy-glazed fish preparation that the husband was planning for dinner.  I started with two parsnips and three carrots, basically doubling the recipe.
Peeled them and cut into rather large matchsticks.
First, steam the veggies for 3 minutes (add 1 cup of water to your pan and cover it).
Then drain off the water.
Add some olive oil and stir fry for three minutes.  (When writing this post, I see that I was supposed to use sesame oil as well as olive oil, according to the recipe.  I didn't see that before, so I just used olive oil.  I do remember reading once that you shouldn't cook with sesame oil though, because it doesn't hold up to heat; instead it should be used as a drizzle after cooking -- but maybe that isn't true or I'm just not remembering what I read long ago correctly?)
Then add 2 T of soy sauce, 2 T of sesame seeds, and 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes.  I continued to stir fry the veggies for another minute or two to let the soy sauce cook in.
I liked them very much with dinner and then even more cold the next day in my lunchbox.
I still have many parsnips and carrots in my fridge, so will be making this again.


  1. Yum! This looks great. I sometimes put sesame oil in stir-fries, the flavor does seem to sort of disappear. I bet this would be good with other root veggies, too.

  2. What other types of root veggies do you think would work well? Right now, I only have carrots and parsnips from the winter storage veggies, but I'll be looking for root recipes in just a few months.

  3. I would imagine that any veggies you'd use in a stir-fry would be good here.