Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sometimes things do not turn out well...

Sometimes things do not go as one would hope in the kitchen.  Here are a couple recent failures.

The first is baked avocados with quail eggs. I had read many blog posts about people cooking eggs in avocados. So I tried it.
But I overcooked the eggs, and I found out that I don't really like warm avocado.
Despite the lovely pepper cress adorning the avocados and eggs, this recipe was a fail. I think that even if I had not overcooked the eggs, I would not have enjoyed the warm avocado. Will not be making this again.

The other recent failure was pesto made with arugula. I've been on a bit of a pesto kick lately, particularly given the many greens we're getting in the boxes each week.
I started with a salad spinner of arugula with the stem ends removed, then put the arugula in the food processor with toasted walnuts, salt, olive oil, pecorino romano, and parmesan.
 I thinned it a bit with pasta water and served it over gnocchi.
There was a bitter aftertaste, so much so that the husband could not eat the dinner. Oddly, neither of us had noticed it when we tasted the pesto before putting it on the gnocchi. Maybe heating it brought out the bitter aftertaste?

I won't be trying either of these things again.

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