Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Greens: salads and quiche

Last week's box had a fairly large bag of braising greens, largely baby kale, that I made into a quiche. For the basic quiche recipe, see the post on mushroom and pea tendril quiche
I removed the stems and washed the greens. I sautéed the white part of the green garlic, chopped, for about 5 minutes, then added the greens, covering them cook faster.  I added them to a par-baked pie crust to which I had first added some grated cheese.
As the greens packed the pie shell, I decided to just use 3 eggs for the filling with 3/4 c of milk.  Once I poured in the filling, I pushed down any greens that were poking up, as much as possible, to prevent them from drying up and burning during cooking.
Verdict: it was excellent.  A great way to use a huge bag of greens that was a bit like spanakopita, despite the fact that there was no spinach in the bag.  Had I used feta instead, I think it would have been even more like spanakopita.

We had salads with the quiche.  The first used the green oakleaf lettuce from last week's box with tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped kalamata olives, and some feta, with some pepper and olive oil to dress it.
The second was a fruit salad, with watermelon, nectarines, and an odd little yellow and purple melon that the husband brought back from the grocery store.  I added chopped mint and a drizzle of peach balsamic vinegar.

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