Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carrots at Ribelle

The husband took me for a birthday dinner to Ribelle.

You might think me crazy, but one of the dishes I ordered was carrots.

They were roasted whole, skins on, and were very tender.  Thinking that I should try to figure out how to slow roast a carrot.

The carrots were served whole, looking like a pile of logs to me and a pile of hot dogs to the husband, garnished with pickled mustard seeds, a berry jam, and some ground hazelnuts.  Husband was more of a fan than I of the combination, although I found that the bites that had jam were much better than the ones without.  Perhaps chopped hazelnuts and a jam or reduction of some sort... I did buy cherry juice at Trader Joe's recently, without a purpose for it.  Perhaps I've found a purpose for it.

I'll post here if I do try something.  We have at least 7 pounds of carrots in our fridge, so there are plenty to experiment with while still having enough to cook my favorite way

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