Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Momofuku vinegar pickle taste test on day 2

Although the recipe said it'd be 4 days until the pickles were ready, we couldn't resist and tried them on day 2.

On the left, the jar with the fennel seeds added to the mustard seeds and hot pepper flakes.  On the left, the jar with just the mustard seeds and hot pepper flakes.

Verdict: Both husband and I prefer the batch with no fennel seeds.  Oddly, the batch without the fennel seeds seems a bit hotter, although I put in the same amount of pepper flakes into both jars.  I guess the fennel masks the heat a bit.

That said, both jars are good.  Best of all, pickling the turnip makes it edible!  It's good to find a way to eat the purple top turnips that have accumulated in the fridge.  

Will update on day 4, when the pickles are officially ready.

[Edit: We missed day 4 completely.  Pickles were still crunchy at one week after pickling and the flavors were better melded than they were on day 2.]

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