Monday, March 10, 2014

Quinoa for breakfast

I first read about having quinoa for breakfast in Food and Wine magazine.  (I know that I'm coming late to the quinoa trend.)  Every few weekends, I cook a cup of quinoa to make grab and go breakfasts to be eaten in the office. 

Once cooked according to the package instructions, I split the cooked quinoa into three containers, then I put on some almonds and apricots.  At this point, the containers are covered and put into the fridge.

In the morning, I put on some Greek yogurt or some ricotta (an excellent way to finish up a remainder of a container before it quickly spoils) and pack it with my lunch.  I eat it cold, although the recipe had suggested hot.  I think it's great cold.

I should figure out some way to integrate a root vegetable into this breakfast.... 

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