Saturday, March 8, 2014

Links: Recipes for Asian pickles

A few weeks ago, we had dim sum at Myers + Cheng.  One of the dishes we ordered was a jar of Asian pickles, which had a mix of pickled carrots, green beans, fennel, and what I think were turnips.  They were excellent, and they've got me thinking about pickling some of the roots we have built up in the fridge.

I've been searching the web for recipes to try and think the following look interesting:
Thinking I'll start first with one of the Momofuku recipes, given my recent love of all things David Chang (well, except for the large amount of pork in many of his recipes), probably the one for vinegar pickles.  Thinking about adding some hot pepper flakes to the brine, then putting it over carrots, daikon, and turnips.  Might try a watermelon radish as well.  Will post with the recipe and results after I try them.

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