Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Corn, basil and tomato salad

When I cook corn, I like to have leftovers to make into salad, so I'll usually buy 3-4 extra ears. This week, I decided to make a salad with corn, tomatoes and basil. I still have large bunches of basil in vases on my counter from the last two weeks' boxes.

I was taught by the mother of my Italian roommate that you should always tear basil... but for this salad, I decided to chiffonade it. To do this, stack up the basil leaves, then roll them.
Once rolled, cut thin strips.
Here's the corn, cut off the cob, with the basil chiffonade.
 The final salad. I dressed it with salt and a bit of good olive oil.
Husband was happy to have a lettuce free salad. The fridge is lettuce free, at least until tomorrow, as I shared the lettuce bounty with my mom and sister-in-law when they visited over the weekend.

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