Thursday, July 24, 2014

Links: microwaving kale chips, summery breakfasts, dips, and chard

I read in this NPR story about America's Test Kitchen that you can microwave kale chips instead of leaving the oven on forever. That said, kale pesto with lemon is a very easy and tasty way to prepare your kale, rather than making kale chips.

Food52's post on summery breakfasts makes me wish I had time for leisurely breakfasts every day.

My sister-in-law sent this link to a spinach dip recipe that she highly recommends. She writes, "I made some changes to the spinach dip - skipped the blanching and sautéed it longer; swapped the walnuts for pine nuts; didn't have dried mint so used some dried oregano instead. I think the oregano could be left out and not missed."

She also recommends this goat cheese and roasted corn guacamole from Joy the Baker.

Finally, a bunch of links of potential chard recipes. I want to try something other than a quiche this week with the bunch that came in today's box.

I'll let you know what I end up making.

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