Friday, July 18, 2014

What's in the box, 7/17/14 edition

In today's box: beets, fennel, red potatoes, two heads of lettuce, kale, radishes, two bulbs of garlic, and a huge bunch of basil. I've earmarked the potatoes for a potato salad this weekend for a cookout. I need to do something with the basil, as I have last week's bunch still in a vase as well, meaning that I have two huge bunches of basil. There is a pesto potato salad recipe that I've made before, but I'm in the mood for potato salad with eggs and mayo. Perhaps I'll make a big bunch of pesto to freeze for the winter.
I also stopped at Verrill Farm, where I bought four ears of corn (the first of the season), a yellow zucchini, and a cousa squash. Also in the photo below are some day lily buds. This week's farm newsletter said that they can be grilled, so we decided to try a few.
Here are the prepped veggies. This week, in addition to trying the day lily buds, I decided to try grilling fennel and some radishes.
The corn, off the grill.  It was on for about 10 minutes.
Ready for the table. The corn was really easy to peel after grilling, and the silk came off incredibly easily. I had always opened the corn to pull out the silk before grilling, but a friend had told me to skip that step and just put the corn on. Excellent tip.
The grilled day lily buds were okay. It's not something that I'll seek out on a regular basis. I liked the grilled radish, but the husband did not. I am unlikely to grill fennel again, as it still tasted strongly of licorice, which doesn't happen when I roast it.

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