Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kohlrabi greens

I have not been a huge fan of kohlrabi, so I will admit that I was not excited to see bunches of young kohlrabi leaves in the past two boxes.  However, I was making grits for dinner, and thought that the greens would go well with them.  I took out the two bunches, washed and spun them.
Then removed the stems....
...and cut them into thin strips.  Roll the leaves together into a long strip to make this step easier.
I decided to sauté them with some olive oil and salt. 
Midway through the cooking process, with mushrooms and onions cooking on the left.
And done, in just a few minutes.
I served the kohlrabi greens with the grits (cooked using Emeril's recipe) and mushrooms cooked with vidalia onions.  Husband also had some brisket with his.
After enjoying them cooked this way, I would be happy to see kohlrabi greens make an appearance in a future box.

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