Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's in the box, 5/28/14 edition

What's really notable this week is what is not in the box.  There are no root vegetables that were grown last season.  Not a single carrot, turnip, or parsnip.  Look at all that green!
In this week's box: a big bag of mesclun (with a different mix of greens than last week), green garlic, bok choy (which the newsletter calls pak choi -- and some web searches have left me confused as to whether they are different varieties or just different English spellings), Easter egg radishes, broccoli greens,  Napa cabbage, mint, and a head of Boston lettuce. Many salads ahead this week, as well as a stir fry or two.

The newsletter from the farm this week says that the broccoli leaves can be treated like kale.  It also says that the bok choy/pak choi can be eaten raw, which I've not tried before.

With this many greens, tomatoes can't be far behind, can they?


  1. Wow, that is very green. We're still getting some root veggies in our box. Weirdly, we've also started getting eggplant and zucchini; I find it really odd to be getting root veggies, leaves, and summer veggies at once.

  2. I'd suggest trying to make salads that combine some roasted root veggies with your greens (particularly heartier greens like kale) or the summer veggies, either raw or roasted, with some of the more delicate greens. We're having lots of salads around here these days!