Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spicy peanut noodles

Food and Wine magazine published a recipe for Joanne Chang's spicy peanut noodles in its November 2009 issue.  The link will be the best way for you to read the recipe, but I wanted to include a photo of my recipe binder here.
I modify Joanne Chang's recipe a bit, skipping the sugar in the peanut sauce and adding whatever veggies I have to the top of the noodles.  This time, I used julienned daikon radish, slices of yellow and orange carrot, and some chopped chives.  If I have cilantro in the fridge, I'll use it, but I don't put the rice vinegar on it.

Here's what I use to make the peanut sauce:
3/4 c peanut butter (smooth)
6 T seasoned rice vinegar
6 T soy sauce
1/4 c water (I use warm water)
1 T toasted sesame oil
2 t red pepper flakes (cut down if you'd like it to be less spicy)
1 garlic clove, minced
You can also add a piece of ginger if you have it.  I like the sauce without ginger as well.

Mix everything in a blender while your pasta is boiling (or before - the sauce can sit for a while, even for a couple of days in the fridge, according to Joanne Chang's recipe).  I tend to use whole grain spaghetti, which comes in packages smaller than a pound, meaning that I have more sauce on my noodles than if one used a full pound of spaghetti as the original recipe calls for.  

Once the pasta is finished, drain it and put it into your serving bowl.  Blend the peanut sauce again quickly, then pour it over the noodles and mix well.  Top with chopped fresh vegetables.
Husband usually cooks a chicken breast to put on top of the noodles; I eat mine vegetarian. Leftovers eaten cold make a great lunch.

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