Sunday, May 4, 2014

Red peppers, pecorino romano and scrambled eggs

Many years ago, I read a recipe for scarmbled eggs with roasted red peppers and pecorino romano, made by a mom for her family with many teenage boys, saying that the eggs are good both warm and cold (for the late risers).  I thought it was in the Boston Globe, but I can't find a link to it after multiple searches.

Over the years, I've adapted the recipe a bit (and don't have the original recipe anywhere).  Instead of roasting the peppers, I saute them in olive oil at a low heat until they are soft.  This morning, I used two red peppers.
Once the peppers are soft, add eggs beaten with salt and pepper.  I used 6 eggs for 2 red peppers, but you can adjust to make the number of servings that you need.
Once the eggs are cooked, add some pecorino romano cheese.
Two of us had this for breakfast, served with toast, then the leftovers were eaten cold for lunch the next day, meaning we had three good sized helpings from two red peppers and six eggs.

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