Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spinach with almonds and raisins

This week, there was a bag of spinach in the box.  I cleaned it, taking off the stems, then sauteed it with a bit of olive oil, golden raisins, and some slivered almonds (the ones from Trader Joe's, which conveniently come with no skin on the almonds).
Some of the leaves stuck to the bottom of the pan a bit during cooking, as I had used just a little oil and the spinach had dried before I started cooking it.  A little water would have prevented that from happening, except.... The spinach was better this way.  It didn't have the waterlogged quality that cooked spinach can have. So I think it is better to take a chance on a leaf or two sticking to the bottom - I scraped them off with the tongs while stirring.
At dinner, husband asked me to "pass the salad," meaning the spinach.  I hesitated, then told him it was spinach, as he does not like spinach at all (and can even detect when it's been mixed into other dishes surreptitiously).  He said he'd try it... and he liked it!  Raisins and almonds for the win!

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