Sunday, May 18, 2014

More quiche: asparagus, ramp, and feta

On Mother's Day, we hosted a brunch at our house.  I made two quiches.  One was filled with oven dried cherry tomatoes (made last summer, stored in the freezer) and swiss cheese.  The other was filled with ramps, asparagus, and feta.  I followed the same basic recipe that I've posted for quiche before, just with different fillings.

I washed and prepped the ramps and asparagus.  For the ramps, I separated the bulbs from the leaves, then chopped both.  I also cut the asparagus into thin rounds.
Then I sauteed the ramp bulbs for a minute or then, then added the asparagus.  After a few minutes more, I added the ramp leaves and cooked for a minute until they were wilted.  Then I took the pan off the heat.
Once your pie shells are pre-baked (go back to see the original recipe, if you haven't already), add your fillings.  The back on in the photo below has dried cherry tomatoes and swiss cheese.  The front has the ramp and asparagus filling with feta.
Add the egg and milk mixture and bake, according to the original recipe.
Enjoy.  Try your own fillings as well.  If you come up with good combinations, please leave them in the comments below.

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