Thursday, October 16, 2014

Links: moving into fall

All of the links below really demonstrate the move from summer vegetables to fall and winter ones.

Food 52's collection of galettes and savory pies. I'm particularly intrigued by the combination of mushrooms and fennel, something that I wouldn't have thought to try.

Herbed butternut squash chips. For a while, I was making everything into vegetable chips, but never tried it with butternut squash. Crispy butternut squash chips as a topping for butternut squash soup might be interesting (or might be too much butternut squash).

Food52's post on how to transform a head of cauliflower into dinner. All of the recipes in this post sound good. However, since the husband is not a huge cauliflower fan, we're unlikely to try many of them.

Charred broccoli and lentil salad. I roasted last week's head of broccoli in the oven, but then ate it on its own. If more broccoli comes, perhaps it'll make its way into a salad.

Joy the Baker's recipe for maple spiced almond milk with a hint of pumpkin. Not sure about the flavoring, but it was good to see the photos of the steps as I've been wanting to try to make my own almond milk (see one of my prior link posts).

This recipe for quick pickled apples looks interesting. Once we go apple picking, I'll be looking for things to do with a fridge full of apples. I'm planning to try pickling a couple now.

Sriracha roasted chickpeas and cauliflower with pickled mustard seeds. More pickling. I have a huge container of mustard seeds, so would like to try pickling them.

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