Friday, October 3, 2014

Links: nut milks and butters, caramelized leeks, and tomato-orange soup

I've been buying almond milk lately, to make refrigerator oatmeal. The original recipe for refrigerator oatmeal is linked in this post. I usually put equal parts of oats and almond milk in a jar to sit in the fridge overnight, usually about 3/4 cup of each, then add fruit in the morning before eating. I've been having it cold during the summer. In the winter, I might warm it up.
Even with the organic versions of almond milk, there's a long list of ingredients. I just saw this post about how to make nut milks (and butters) without all of the additional random chemical ingredients. I definitely want to try making it on my own.

Husband tried this recipe for caramelized leeks and recommends it. A photo of his dinner that included the leeks:

Elephants Deli recipe for tomato-orange soup. Elephants Deli was the inspiration for the "Oregon salad" that I make. I didn't have their soup while traveling through the Portland airport, but I'd like to try making a fresh tomato soup. (I still have many plum tomatoes from my mom's garden, and the weather is turning cool enough to think about eating hot soup.)

This recipe for butternut squash bread pudding looks good. Perhaps a bit dense. Sister-in-law recommends Smitten Kitchen's butternut squash and caramelized onion galette.

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