Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday lunch: quiche with leeks and dried tomatoes, corn muffins, and gazpacho

For lunch today, I made a quiche with leeks and dried tomatoes. I sautéed the leeks first. The dried tomatoes were from the freezer. (See this post for the basic quiche recipe that I use.) The cheese was mimosa, a young cheese, that I bought in a local Brazilian store.
I also made corn muffins, using the recipe from the Joy of Cooking. I'm not going to type it in here, because I was unhappy with how they turned out. While they tasted good, they didn't rise at all, just spreading out on the muffin tin.
We also had gazpacho with lunch, probably the last one of the season, given that we're not getting tomatoes anymore.

The best part of making too much food for lunch is that there are leftovers, which I can use to pack lunches this week.

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