Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Salad bar: tomatoes, bruschetta, scarlet queen turnips, and radicchio

Some of these photos are from a couple of weeks ago. (You can tell because they have tomatoes.)

Here's a simple salad of chopped tomatoes, ground pepper and a bit of good olive oil.

Greek salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow pepper, and feta, dressed with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Bruschetta with a dried tomato spread and feta.

Now for some more recent salads. The first has mesclun, sliced raw scarlet queen turnips, chopped tomatillos, pepitas, feta, and a dressing made with dijon mustard, olive oil, and white wine vinegar.

Finally, a salad with roasted radicchio.
Washed and quartered, then brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
After roasting in a 400 degree oven, for 6 minutes on each side.
I chopped the radicchio and added sliced strawberries, pistachios, and balsamic vinegar.
Husband usually doesn't like radicchio, but did not mind this preparation. It wasn't his favorite salad, as he found it a bit too acidic from all of the balsamic vinegar, but he didn't find the radicchio bitter as he usually does. Overall, a win.


  1. Yum! These look great. I need to get more nuts and seeds in our salads.
    Did you serve the radicchio warm? Elad is into making these half warm (sauteed veggies mostly, or haloumi), half cold salads.

    1. The radicchio sat on the counter for at least 10 minutes before we had the salad, so it wasn't hot, but it also wasn't cold. I don't know that I'd have put it right out of the oven with strawberries. A heartier fruit probably would hold up better to heat.