Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shakshouka (on land)

Many years ago, I read Not Eating Out In NY's post about making shakshouka on a boat. I never tried the recipe, but it had an impact: whenever I hear or read the word shakshouka, my brain adds, "on a boat."

This week, I had some plum tomatoes from my mom's garden that needed to be used, so I decided to make shakshouka (not on a boat, but in my kitchen on land).

I started by sautéing a small onion. Then I added the chopped tomatoes and some hot pepper flakes.
I simmered the mixture until the tomatoes collapsed and then a bit beyond to cook off some of the liquid. Then I made four holes in the tomato mixture and cracked eggs into the holes.
I covered the pan to help the eggs set on the top as well.
I served the shakshouka (not on a boat) with Iggy's onion baguette, one of my favorite breads. (It's covered with caramelized onions.)

Most recipes seem to call for canned tomatoes, so you could make this even now, after tomato season. However, it's a good way to use some tomato seconds, if you have them.

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  1. This is one of our regular weeknight meals. We like to add in different veggies based on what we have lying around the fridge; eggplant, leafy greens, and of course bell peppers make regular appearances.