Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A new gadget

I don't usually buy kitchen gadgets at the grocery store, but I had to get this one.
It's an ice cube tray, with small sections that have silicone on the bottom.
When I get large bunches of herbs from the farm, I like to save some for the winter by chopping them (by hand if just a small amount or using the food processor if a larger amount) and adding a small amount of water or olive oil. Then I fill the ice cube tray sections and freeze. Once frozen, I pop them out into bags so that I can reuse the ice cube tray.

Sometimes it's been a challenge to get out a cube without breaking the tray. (I'm looking at you, dearest husband.) While I've not had a chance to try it yet, I think this new ice cube tray provides an easy way to get the cubes out.

Perhaps we'll get a bunch of cilantro or dill this week in the box, then I can try it out.

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