Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Links: Chocolate cherry bread, alternative pie crusts, plum and ricotta tart - and iced tea

This post from Baking Bites with a recipe for chocolate cherry bread describes it as being inspired by Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. (You had me at Cherry Garcia.)

This post from Food52 about alternative pie crusts mentions using leftover steamed rice mixed with egg whites and cheese to make a crust for quiche. I will definitely try this the next time we have leftover rice.

This plum and ricotta tart from Food52 recipe sounds good, although more work than a cake (e.g., this plum torte recipe from Smitten Kitchen that I tried last year). I think it would be good with cherries instead of plums as well. Or maybe some nectarines or peaches.

Not a link, but the drink of my summer: iced tea, made in the fridge, with 4 tsp of loose tea or 4 tea bags put into a quart canning jar. Once filled with 4 cups of water, cap it and let it sit in the fridge overnight (or for 24 hours - I make my iced tea for the next day when I take out the day's iced tea from the fridge in the morning). If you used loose tea, strain the iced tea before drinking; if tea bags, just remove them from the jar. In the photo below, I used jasmine pearl tea, which opened into beautiful spider-like spirals.
I have tried many types of tea cold brewed this way (e.g., green, darjeeling, grapefruit infused black tea, jasmine). All good. Great for a hot summer day.

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