Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Veggies for breakfast: tomatoes and peas

It's time for another veggies for breakfast post. With tomato season starting, they've been making many appearances on my breakfast plates recently.

Here I fried two eggs in olive oil, then served them on top of thick slices of a tomato with some rye bread on the side.
While visiting friends, we had breakfast tacos with chopped tomatoes, scrambled eggs, and avocado on top of corn tortillas.
A few days ago, I made nectarine and blueberry pancakes for breakfast for weekend visitors. A guest suggested trying tomato pancakes with the bit of batter left at the end.
They were not good, likely because the pancake batter was sweet, not savory. But everyone tried a piece and no tomatoes were wasted. We figure it might work with a more savory pancake batter, although I generally prefer local tomatoes to be uncooked.

Pea season is long past, but I also used them for breakfasts as well. Here are peas atop of a soft boiled egg, cooked sous vide.
And here's the start of a pea and feta frittata, which ended up turning into pea and feta scrambled eggs since I was having trouble getting the eggs to set before the bottom browned too much.
May not have been as pretty, but tasted good.

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