Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Finally, locally grown tomatoes are available. I bought these tomatoes today at Verrill Farm.
I made them into a Caprese salad (without the basil).
Note the pyramid shaped salt, which I bought last weekend at Trader Joe's. I didn't realize how large the pyramids were going to be. They are a bit too big for a last dusting of salt before serving, but they are really pretty on the tomatoes.
I am ready for my "tomato lover's" supplemental share to start at Siena Farms. I think we're just one or two weeks away from its start, when I'll get a flat of tomatoes in addition to the box each week. I just checked; it starts the week of August 11, so just one week to wait!

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  1. Just in time for our visit! I already told Elad to get ready to help reap the backyard harvest :)