Thursday, August 28, 2014

Links: green beans, zucchini, and carrot soup

I saw a couple of recipes for green beans this week that look interesting. There haven't been green beans in the box yet this year, but I would think some are coming. If not, my mom has been offering me green beans from her garden, so I'll take her up on her offer.

Corn, zucchini, and chickpea fritters from the Wednesday Chef. Despite zucchini being in the past few boxes and the fact that I've bought more from a couple of farm stands, I don't think I've had my fill of zucchini yet this summer. I need to remedy that soon, before the season has passed.

Joy the Baker's vegan carrot soup, which uses cashews in place of cream. A few years ago, I tried a recipe of hers for a vegan mushroom soup that also used cashews that was very good. It's not quite soup season yet, as it's been very warm these past few days, but I know the fall is coming very quickly. (Anyone else hear the theme from Jaws in their head when they start thinking of the purple top turnips that are coming in the boxes as the weather gets cooler?)

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