Saturday, August 9, 2014

Peach pancakes

Food 52 had a post on caramelized peach pancakes. I decided to try this idea, but using my standard pancake recipe from the Joy of Cooking. (The same one that I used in this post on banana pecan pancakes.)

I had this idea that you'd put the peach slice down, then pour the pancake batter over it, as that would let the peach be on the heat for longer.
But it just didn't work, at least not if you expect your pancakes to have a roundish shape. Had I read the recipe, I would not have had this idea. As I figured I'd just use my standard pancake recipe with peaches, I hadn't read the recipe.
So for the next batch, I first poured the batter, then put peaches on top.
The second method worked much better.
I served them with maple syrup. Sometimes we have our pancakes with Nutella, which is very decadent, but it didn't seem to fit with these pancakes.

I would definitely make these again.

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